Chandigarh Citi Center - Zirakpur

Chandigarh Citi Center

Integrated Township - Zirakpur

Project Type : Commercial Property - Showrooms

Project Location : VIP Road, Zirakpur, Punjab, India


Presenting a sterling experience in the public domain, CCC is designed on a sprawling site of 10 acres off of the bustling V I P road in Zirakpur.

The master plan is exuberant in its format, of using streets as the pivotal design mandate on the ground.The entry exalted by a green grassy and glass pyramid “ Soul Summit ” that one can walk through heightens the sensory experience and stirs the spirit.It is well defined and chaos free with proper drop off points, designated parking and an option for valet services. The central blocks sit over a central pedestrian spine that invites the flow of visitors into a magnificent triple height shopping arcade. With explicit views and brandish opulence of the shops, the space presents the perfect ambiance for outlandish shopping. Capping this atrium, the structures amalgamate and tower up to fifteen floors to house resplendent offices complete with state of the art business centers, restaurants, fitness center et all.

Low height , more intimate in scale retail shops wrap the entire site. Small and flexible open kiosks dot the streets to allow for fun, food and the impromptu. Above the retail shops are the SOHO – functional office suites introducing the live work concept. The en suite personal space attached to the office offers a perfect spot for an occasional break from the long working hours. Service apartments are tucked away in the rear of the site to have a little more emphasis on privacy and induce an environment of habitat. Chandigarh Citi Center is a place to look forward to…a place with a sense of belonging; a unique concept of commercial, retail & residential clubbed together. A place where the heart is content and the mind is joyous…welcome to your happy world.

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